Amino Prime Review: Getting the right amount of protein for muscular physique

Differnet body types (Endomorphs, Ectomorph and Mesomorph) find it hard to put on muscle. While some can easily put on weight and some can’t, they all have a hard time getting lean and muscular. Amino Prime claims to that it assists in muscle building for all body types. Keep on reading and find out what the experts have found about the product in regards with its claims.

About the Supplement

It centrally aims at faster muscle development and elevated formation of leaner yet muscular physique. It supplies amino acids to the body to strengthen body’s natural process for Protein Synthesis. IT also promises to improve the natural recovery ability of the body and help in overall body development and perseverance.


Information on the quantity of each ingredients used is not provided by the product. Complete list is not available either but ingredients of the proprietary formula are given:

  • Taurine (amino acid)
  • Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
  • Beta Alanine
  • Caffeine

How does Amino Prime work?

Taurine is absorbed in the bloodstream and there it develops into Nitric Oxide. Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate also gets converted into Nitric Oxide and both of these ingredients help the body in developing the blood circulation. High blood circulation enables better delivery of oxygen and nutrition into the muscle cells and this facilities stronger stamina. Beta Alanine supplies body with ample nourishment that helps in building the muscles and strength and caffeine keeps the energy from floundering.

Most important of all, it states that it keeps the amino acids from getting ousted from the body and strengthens protein synthesis through the amino acid formula that fulfils body’s protein requirement. As protein synthesis gets higher, body relaxes and grows muscular. Due to better endurance, it also develops better toned physique and gets leaner.

How to use Amino Prime?

Supplement is for oral dosage and information about how many capsules to use in one day is listed on the label. Dietary changes can be made as per necessity. Exercise routine should be followed on a permanent basis. Users should also take professional assistance to chart out a proper regime for differnet exercises so differnet parts of the body can be worked on.

How long can it take?

This largely depends on the body’s physical shape, biology and protein synthesis. Several factors affect the dietary habit and biological processes within the body and they of course take some time to get adjusted to the supplement ingredients levels.

So, it may take around 3 weeks to 7 weeks to show any initial results. Users who has benefited in long term claimed they used it for around 7 months and do not plan to discontinue.

Is it recommended?

Amino Prime is not an extraordinary supplement but it surely is good. Actually, it focuses on enabling better protein absorption inside the body. Some reviews available online claim that the product worked great for them while some tell a differnet story. However, the free trial deal is a great option and other 2-3 or other similar month long package deals offer a better option for saving money.

Due to the positive reviews and lack of any reported side effects, it is recommended.

Amino Prime Pros

  • No Gluten, added colors, soy allergens, preservatives, binders, artificial ingredients etc
  • Licensed manufacturing facility for Bottle and capsule production
  • No claimed side effects (No negative independent reviews have been posted)
  • Gives healthy results within shorter time


  • Quantity of the ingredients is not available
  • No retail purchase options
  • Some customers said that they had had a hard time cancelling their long term orders