Nitro Focus NO3 Review : Nitric Oxide For A Tighter, Healthier, Shredded Body

A lot is being said about Nitro Focus NO3 over the internet. Whilst some claimed that they benefitted with it, some reports state that it is a sham. So, here is an in depth evaluation of the product that promises overwhelmingly amazing muscle building results.

What is it?

This dietary supplement is centered on the Nitric Oxide principle and promise to infuse healthy muscular growth within body. It spikes resistance ability of the body and also improves recovery capacity so the user can stretch the workout.

What are the ingredients?

To users’ disadvantage, no information is made available on the official website of the supplement. However, there ingredients were found as the primary ingredients of the product after much combing through different resources:

  • Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate
  • Arginine-ketoisocaproate
  • GKG
  • Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate
  • L-Arginine

How does Nitro Focus NO3 work?

Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, abbreviated as A-AKG is a precursor to nitric oxide (enters body and transforms into NO). Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate abbreviated as OKG supplies body with nutritional support for the body and heightens athletic endurance.

GKG is an amalgamation of AKG and Taurine and is responsible for muscular growth in the body through its protein synthesis action. Arginine-ketoisocaproate or A-KIC and L-Arginine enhance Nitric Oxide for vasodilatation action and this boosts blood circulation and cut recovery time.

What’s with the NO supplements Influx?

Nitric Oxide didn’t use to be as popular as it was. But now, its benefits are making its way to the common bodybuilding enthusiasts. NO is no more just a pro athlete’s pick and that’s because

  • No raises blood vessels size
  • Improved blood vessels allow for higher blood circulation
  • Muscle tissue gets nutrition-blood fast

The last step activates better recovery and lowers the pains caused by Lactic acid in the muscle cells post workout. This means that the user can go on working out for a fairly longer time than those who don’t use NO formula.

How to use Nitro Focus NO3 and results turnaround time?

Serving size is 2 pills and these should be taken prior to the workout.

Relying on only the solution for a healthy, ripped physique would be unfair to the body that needs balanced nourishment so it is also suggested to eat in healthy proportions. Users should not indulge in alcohol, smoking, Trans fat food as these lower the stamina, immunity.

Workout should be planned by the user with consultation from a professional so all parts of the body can be well exercised. Different types of training should be done on alternate periods like resistance training, Abs training, Cardio and Metabolism training etc.

Expect to devote a minimum of 3-8 weeks to see endurance benefits. Muscular development may take longer, depending on the diet and training.

Is it recommended?

The choice of picking the right supplement for resistance training should be made by weighing these

  • Active ingredients
  • Overall benefits that product offers
  • How fast the results appear
  • Cost of the product
  • Side effects

Nitro Focus NO3 is at par with most quality products in the bodybuilding supplement industry when weighed on abovementioned factors. The ingredients have several supportive trials and studies information available whilst the benefits that it offers are the direct benefits that NO improvement gives to body.

As a conclusion, it is product worth trying and then the user can evaluate the results and see if it fits their biology.

Nitro Focus NO3 Pros

  • Active results
  • Safe and Diet approved
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Easy to use
  • Nil Side effects


  • No retail option for getting the supplement
  • It is a little too costly
  • Official website doesn’t disclose complete information on Ingredients

Discontinuation after user has got all the results

The user can discontinue using the supplement but it is important that they maintain the physique through maintenance balanced diet and regular workout.