No2 Explode Extreme Review : Reduction Of Fatigue, Fat For Muscularity

buy-nowWhen in doubt about a supplement, referring to the discussion on independent bodybuilding forums is the best option. NO2 Explode Extreme is claimed to be one of the best supplement on several forums but some others have a hostile review for it. Here is a review based on probing of the product.


The supplement is a formula for providing assistance in muscle building and endurance management. It is a pre-workout supplement that works for improvement of endurance in the body and curbing of exhaustion that exercising causes. It also claims to make the body lean by reducing body fat.



No ingredients are made available for public view at the official website. The website only hints at containing ingredients that are boosters of Nitric Oxide such as Amino Acids along with Antioxidants and ingredients that enhance protein synthesis within body.

NO2 Explode Extreme in action

Nitric Oxide has been stated as an indispensable method of developing lean physique for bodybuilders as it maintains body’s endurance and ignites fat reductions. The supplement provides body with sufficient Amino Acids. Amino acids develop into Nitric Oxide just as they reach inside the body and then they are soaked inside the blood stream. Nitric oxide is stated to be helpful for the body as it allows for improvement of blood circulation. Actually, it triggers widening of the blood vessels that enhances blood flow. Due to improvement in blood flow, muscle cells get nutrition and oxygen delivered to them fast and this allows for better recovery of the overall body. This principle mechanism helps the most after a workout since the body feels most weary after working out.

In simpler words, with fast recovery, the body workout for longer and this strengthens body’s metabolic activity, burns excess fat, and strengthens protein synthesis (muscle formation) and leaner physique.

What to expect?

  • Development of lean muscle mass, improvement of stamina and better workout performance is promised by techs supplement
  • Through better blood pressure, supplement also claims to enhance sexual stamina and erection ability, orgasm duration
  • Furthermore, better mental focus is promised as NO helps in fast inter-cellular communication


What are its users saying about it?

Users have posted testimonials and full reviews at third party websites and at NO2 Explore Extreme website as well. One of the users at a third party forum stated that his month usage gave him these results:

  • Elevated energy
  • Reduction in fatigue (overall fatigue and exhaustion caused by workout)
  • Amplified sexual performance
  • Improvement in lean muscle
  • Loss of 25lbs of fat from the thighs, belly and back

While at another forum, a user claimed that he received neither any results nor any side effects.

Is NO2 Exploring Extreme Recommended?

There are no side effects but it is mater of compatibility with the body. The body obviously takes time to adjust itself to the ingredients but sometimes, with certain users, the formula may not work. Although, major testimonials have been speak of user’s satisfactory experiences.

The cost of the product make the supplement costly but it works very well if the testimonials are to be believed.

Due to lack of risk, major positive testimonials, the supplement is recommended.


NO2 Explore Extreme Pros

  • Travel and user friendly packaging
  • Zero filler,
  • Claims to use well researched NO boosters
  • Suitable for sexual and athletic performance improvement
  • Risk free pre-workout formula
  • Provides Sample
  • Certified, secure facility for manufacturing


  • No information on the ingredients used and their quantity is given at the website
  • No option for making a retail order for the product

When to not use the product?

Users with cardiac or blood pressure problems should avoid using it without prior consultation.