Swole Kreate Review : Healthy Herbal compounds, Microionized Creatine Blend

Creatine products are favored by many but a lot of users have their inhibitions due to eh side effects. Swole Kreate states that it is advanced and potential for aiding muscular stature of the user without leading to the much despised creatine side effects. Find out how this functions and if there is any truth to the claims or not here.

What is it?try now

This is a scientifically formulated Creatine formula that has the patented Kre-Alkalyn Creatine blend. It states that it delivers all creatine results without water retention, bloating or other byproducts and damages those creatine supplementation normal triggers. It states that it has Ecdysterone which is an herbal compound along with Methoxyisoflavone which is a non-hormonal compound. Both of these facilitate protein synthesis and develop the prowess of D-Aspartic Acid so body’s anabolic strength is developed.


Manufacturer of the product is Swole Sports Nutrition which has numerous online retailers where its products can be purchased. It offers a range of sports supplement for distinct requirements of the body and its products are men and also for women. The manufacturer has maintained quite a reputation as no claims payment issues and side effects have been filed against any of its products.


  • 1050mg of Kre-Alkalyn (pH perfect Micronized Creatine)
  • 1000mg of D-Aspartic Acid
  • 100mg of Ecdysterone
  • 100mg of Methoxyisoflavone

How to use?

Daily dosage is 3 capsules right before going for an intense exercise and morning dosage on days when users don’t work out.

#on non-training days, users should take the capsules first thing in morning.


Who shouldn’t use it?

  • Pregnant and nursing mothers
  • Under 18 children
  • Individuals who have medical conditions

How does Swole Kreate formula work?

The formula functions by making vitamin C more soluble within body so protein synthesis and regeneration occurs faster and body grows stronger. At core level, it is a creatine formula without all the byproducts and side effects so it aids in developing muscle mass and also spiking up the stamina while working out.

For its optimal effects, the manufacturer website states that all users confirm about their dietary and exercise planning with their physician and trainer. The results can only be anticipated when body undergoes strong nourishment and workout.

Is it effective?

Compared to other creatine products, Swole Kreate has the pH balanced, micronized form of creatine that is patented and called Kre-Alkalyn. Its quantity used in the dosage is 1050mg which is both effective and safe for regular dosage. It doesn’t trigger any side effects and develops anabolic strength while boosting natural energy along with muscle mass development.


Testimonials and Side effects

As stated above, there are no side effects to using this creatine based supplement. It is 100% safe, effectual and doesn’t give any results that may affect the body. Testimonials from users are available online and on major retailing websites, feedback for the supplement has been largely positive.

Swole Kreate Pros

  • Transparent formula
  • Complete information revealed by manufacturer
  • Free of stimulants, unhealthy ingredients (Additives, fillers or binders)
  • High potency of the formula
  • No risks for health on short term or long term dosage
  • No recurring shipment plan, availability of product with major online retailers for single and multiple products
  • Reputed manufacturer, well known for other equally effective supplements
  • Favored in testimonials (no complaints records found)


High Cost

Is it recommended?

Swole Kreate works gradually and doesn’t disturb body’s balance and functioning. Besides, the biggest benefit its hat it alleviates the problem of other creatine products thus it is better and more useful than other creatine products due to the Microionized form that it uses.

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